My Relationship with Writing and Webtoons

I have no dramatic inspirational childhood story as to how I wanted to become a writer. My wanting to become a writer is quite ordinary actually. I didn’t even know I wanted to become a writer until recently.

Since I was young, I’ve been an avid reader. I read Young Adult novels, manga, a few Harlequin novels that were probably too mature for a child to have been reading, and many other types books. I went to college for a degree on a subject I chose simply because it was my best subject. I had no exact plans for my life (I still don’t). It’s only been recently in the past year that I’ve come to realize, even if I had no clue, I unconscientiously did. Whenever someone had asked me what I wanted to do in terms of a career, all the different answers I had given over the years, such as mangaka, YA author, and comic editor, all centered on one thing: writing.

Not more than two years ago, I discovered I actually had a knack for writing, in particular, research and analytical writing. It started when I received an A on a difficult research paper. From there, I would receive positive comments from my professors on my works and writing goals which led me to see that I wasn’t just lucky when receiving an A, but my skills (and hard work) brought me there. So here I am now, exploring the different aspects of it. But where does webtoon come in in all of this? Since the advancement and easy availability of the internet, there has been that shift of print media moving to online. I started reading fewer novels, and more comics because of its free accessibility online. It was mainly manga until my late introduction to webtoons in 2015. I became obsessed with it.

The massive fan base it developed in a just a short span, the influence it created in other industries outside of comics, the content it put out that transcended stories—I knew it was going to become something big. And to readers, I being one of them, they were like drugs (sometimes even costing as much). Webtoons were unlike anything in the comic industry—I wanted in on it. So, to the web I must jump in because of how webtoons are solely online media. It was time to make use of my knack for writing. Down this road I will traverse, writing in one hand, webtoon in another, hopefully making this long-term because I feel the sparks. They’re both keepers.


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