Official English Release of The Villain’s Savior

There's another new webtoon on Tappytoon and readers may squeal from joy after learning that it is The Villain's Savior. Comic by Myoung Rang, art by Zetson, and original story by YeonSeulA, this comic became popular with English readers through fan scanlations. However, back in July things did not go so well (as one can … Continue reading Official English Release of The Villain’s Savior


Webtoon “Reversi” is Back!

Last month, Tappytoon recently added a new webtoon to their collection and this one may seem familiar to a few readers. It's called Polarity, but to certain readers Reversi may be a more recognizable title. Reversi was a popular webtoon originally published on Lezhin back in 2016. However, more than a year ago, the controversial … Continue reading Webtoon “Reversi” is Back!