The Best Places to Buy Webtoon Merch

Webtoon merch is hard to come by. In the past, you could only obtain them either through conventions, traveling to Korea, or some other obscure way. Times are better now. (All hail the internet!) Now that webtoons are becoming more mainstream, websites that provide those webtoon merch are popping up. Forget those knock-off webtoon merch … Continue reading The Best Places to Buy Webtoon Merch


What are “Webtoons”?

It has been on my mind for a while now, that not many people actually know what a webtoon is, despite reading them or being of fan of them themselves. The word “webtoon” was invented in Korea. It came from the compounding of two words: “web” and “cartoon”. It’s literal definition, according the English Oxford … Continue reading What are “Webtoons”?