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  • The Geekiary (Webcomics Sections) – It’s a blog written by fans for fans. They cover many things from TV and movies to comics and games. They’ve got great content and have recently added more to their webcomics sections.
  • Delitoon (Blog) – Delitoon is actually a French webtoon service, much like Webtoons or other English webcomic platforms. The only difference is they have a blog! Although it’s in French, feel free to check it out.
  • Lezhin (Blog) – Lezhin, one of the leading webtoon platforms, has its own blog!
  • Tapas (Blog) – Tapas, another popular platform, has its own blog. With writing tips, news, and content related to their main website, Tapas’s blog provides something extra for their audience.
  • Tapas (Forum) – The only popular forum made by a webtoon platform, Tapas Forum is a place to ask/find answers related to webtoons or chat with fellow Tapas webtoon readers.
  • The Beat – A daily news blog that focuses on comic news, reviews, and other information. Although the blog’s content is mainly on Western comics, such as Marvel, there are occasional articles on webtoons.