The God of High School Gets Anime Adaptation

Ever since the partnership between Crunchyroll and WEBTOON had been announced in mid-October of last year, many webtoon readers looked forward to the possibility of their favorite webtoon getting the chance of an animated adaptation. Early this morning, Crunchyroll officially announced its first eight Crunchyroll Original series and among them is the webtoon The God of High School, as well as two other popular webtoons, The Tower of God and Noblesse. All three comics are published by WEBTOON.

The Production Management will be provided by SOLA ENTERTAINMENT while the animation team and studio behind The God of High School is none other than MAPPA, a Japanese animation studio with Yuri!!! on Ice, Kakegurui, and Kids on the Slope being some of its most notable anime series made.

MAPPA posted a tweet on Twitter announcing the webtoon’s anime adaption along with celebratory drawings by the director, Park Sunghoo, and character designer, Akita Manabu.

There had been a hype over The God of High School four years ago when WEBTOON released what seemed like an animated trailer for the webtoon but was actually a promo video for the release of the webtoon’s game app.

©SN games Corp.

At least now, this time it’s for real. No exact date has been announced yet for the webtoon-turned-anime but a trailer showcasing eight of the Crunchyroll Original series has been released.

Feature Image ©Crunchyroll


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