5 Comics on WEBTOON CANVAS that Differ from the Average Webtoon

Webtoons have general formats usually followed when being created and published, such as colored art and a vertical layout sometimes with extending panels. Listed below are five uniquely different webtoons from WEBTOON CANVAS that takes on creative approaches to webtoon making.

1. Fisheye Placebo by YuumeiArt

Taking place in a dystopic totalitarian society, average boy Vance gets more than he bargained for after he hacked into his university’s system to assign himself a hot female roommate.

Different from the average webtoon layout, Fisheye Placebo’s panel arrangements are mostly large center frame images or multiple panels on a horizontal line (occasionally, however, there are clever scrolling flourishes.) Instead of traditional oval speech bubbles, rounded rectangular speech bubbles are opted for (seemingly evocative of video game speech bubbles) to match to the dark and dystopian tone of the webtoon, despite the vivid art which is beautifully drawn.

Fisheye Placebo, Ch. 0

You can read Fisheye Placebo here.

2. GOTCHA by LamettaPeach

Former aristocrat turned slave, Cerys escapes from two princes only to come across a vampire. But with the princes desperately chasing after her, perhaps this dangerous but handsome vampire is her only ticket to freedom.

Different from webtoon vertical layouts and colored art, GOTCHA follows a manga format of page panels and grayscale art. But nonetheless, wonderfully done and a fresh break from regular webtoons.


You can read GOTCHA here.

3. Of What Remains by Sillvi Studios

Simply a “story on survival,” and perhaps for Kim, her start on survival first began when her dad left one night and never came back.

Instead of speech bubbles, this webtoon uses caption-like dialogue. To pair with this, the comic also utilizes frame by frame images, creating a cinematic effect. This pairs well with how the story has been written and created so far, dramatizing each image into “scenes.”

You can read Of What Remains here.

Of What Remains, Ch. 2-1
©Sillvi Studios

4. Mae & Hilde by anwitacitriya

Also titled The Ordinary Life of Mae & Hilde, this webtoon is exactly what the title suggests, a webtoon about the daily life of two friends. But there’s a small twist: neither Mae nor Hilde are ordinary.

Mae & Hilde also doesn’t use speech bubbles but caption-like dialogue as well as the frame by frame image format with no extended panels which most webtoons contain. The black border adds an effect reminiscent of a cinematic experience similar to Of What Remains, but it also goes to match the tone of the story, which is dark and mysterious.

Mae & Hilde, Ep. 4

You can read Mae & Hilde here.

5. True Intent by TGIFT

True intentions will be revealed as lies fall apart in this webtoon centering on idol trainee Aki and four other individuals that are all somehow connected to each other.

This webtoon essentially follows the regular ways of webtoons except for the one huge detail that can’t be missed: the use of photography instead of drawn art. This is a very interesting format and new take on webtoon creation.

True Intent, Ep. 1

You can read True Intent here.

Feature Image ©YuumeiArt


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