Webtoon Review: Have To Betray The Earth

Title: Have To Betray The Earth

Author: Royalacg

Platform: WebComics

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romance

Status: Ongoing

Update Schedule: Wed. & Thurs.


“The office lady, Fan Lu always thinks herself as the most ordinary woman, but one day she is kidnapped by an alien. The so-called Saturnian tells her the bizarre reason why they invade the Earth, while the key part of the invasion plan is to have Fan Lu fall in love with him and then betrays the Earth! Spending days with the Saturnian, aliens from other planets appear one after another! Fan Lu realizes that she is not ordinary as she thought, and start to have a feeling for the Saturnian. What is she supposed to do?”


Although there are a few mistranslations, I don’t think it effects the comic much, or at least, too much. To rephrase the synopsis, Have To Betray The Earth is about a girl who gets kidnapped by an alien. The alien’s goal is to take over Earth and to do that, it needs the help of man, i.e. the girl. According to the alien, love is the weakness of humans, making them do anything. Therefore, the alien attempts to make the girl fall in love with him.

I unfortunately only enjoy a few comics provided by WebComics. I was cautious with this one when going in for a read, but the caution was for the most part, unnecessary. With only 9 chapters out so far, it is proving to be an enjoyable read. Despite how bizarre the plot may sound, it’s working out well so far. The story is light and funny. The simple art style is pleasant, and dialogue (despite mistranslations) are humorous. The shortness and comedic aspect of the webcomic slightly resembles “4koma” of Japanese manga.

Not to forget, the webcomic has a pretty female lead and a “handsome” male/alien lead readers can crush on. There is a count down on the invasion of Earth at the end of each chapter and readers can only wonder what will happen when it hits zero. If this webcomic doesn’t give you a full laugh, it will at least give you a few chuckles.

Read the comic here: Have To Betray The Earth

Feature image ©Royallacg, ©WebComics


Royallacg. “Have To Betray The Earth.” WebComics. SideWalk Group. webcomicsapp.com/reader.html?mangaId=5cb5942c62661d1a2430c6c6&index=1. Accessed 8 March 2019


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