Webtoon Trend: Reborn Again?!

If you're an avid romance webtoon reader, you might have noticed a thing or two, or three or...eight? The number just keeps going! What am I talking about? The fact that webtoons with a story centered on reborn protagonists are being released one after the other. How did they come about? These webtoons are an … Continue reading Webtoon Trend: Reborn Again?!

The Best Places to Read Webtoons

When looking for websites or apps to read webtoons, two things should be considered: supporting creators and webtoon quality. Whether they know it or not, a lot of readers read webtoons through third-party platforms that sometimes steal webcomics originally posted on sites that have exclusive digital rights to them. When readers purchase or just simply … Continue reading The Best Places to Read Webtoons

What are “Webtoons”?

It has been on my mind for a while now, that not many people actually know what a webtoon is, despite reading them or being of fan of them themselves. The word “webtoon” was invented in Korea. It came from the compounding of two words: “web” and “cartoon”. It’s literal definition, according the English Oxford … Continue reading What are “Webtoons”?