Want More Webtoons to Read? Check out Copin Comics and Manta Comics!

I’m always on the look out for new webtoons to read and new places to read webtoons on. The universe seems to be helping feed my addiction as well, since I found two new places to read webtoons on! Both Copin Comics and Manta Comics are new platforms that brings to readers more official English translated Korean webtoons.

Copin Comics

Copin Comics, seemingly popping out of nowhere, doesn’t have a wide selection of webtoons yet, but the ones they currently have available are great! The first few chapters of their webtoons are free access, then select additional chapters after can be unlocked daily, free to read for 72 hours. The latest released chapters must be unlocked with coins to be able to read. You can buy coins in-app or on the website and Copin Comics has two ways you can read chapters: rent or purchase. Renting enables 72 hour access to chapters for two coins, while purchasing will enable an unlimited time of access to chapters, but for five coins. Copin Comics is a pretty decent platform, and although it can get pricey, it may be the only option when some of the webtoons they have are unavailable elsewhere. It’s definitely worth checking out at least!

Copin Comics

Manta Comics

Manta Comics was launched by RIDI Corporation last year. RIDI Corporation is South Korea’s largest digital content publication & distribution company. If you aren’t familiar with RIDI Corporation, then perhaps Ridibooks may sound more familiar. Ridibooks (by RIDI Corp.) is a Korean ebook website carrying huge selections of books. And of course, available there are webtoons and webnovels to read. Expanding globally in webcomics service was a smart move. One that I am wholeheartedly glad they did because Manta Comics is what my soul and wallet has been looking for.

Manta Comics has a fairly wide (and still ongoing) selection of webtoons to read from. To access their webtoons, you have to subscribe and pay a monthly $3.99. If you’re a devoted reader of webtoons, the subscription cost is definitely a better deal and more affordable compared to other webtoon platforms. No more paying per episodes/chapters and Manta Comics even has a free trial period. If that hasn’t baffled and excited you yet, maybe their catalogue of awesome webtoons will. Although their app—at this time of writing—still needs some work, its user interface slightly resembles that of the Netflix app, in format as well as ease of use. If you have the means to pay a monthly subscription, Manta Comics is a platform you definitely need to check out!

Manta Comics

 Images © Copin Comics/MANTA


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