Turtle Steps: My Goals and Writing

I move one step at a time in achieving what I want. Sometimes it’s at a turtle’s pace, but it’s one step forward nonetheless. Other than the dream of becoming filthy rich, my goals in life right now are minimal and simple (and more realistic).

Improve Myself as a Writer

I would be a fool to think myself a near perfected writer. My skills in composition, mechanics, prose, and such are lacking and since I’ve chosen this path as something I want to invest in and continue doing, improvement is not an option. It’s a requirement. The goal is to improve myself with the English courses I am taking and afterwards to improve by myself with what I’ve learned.

Get employed by a company specializing in webtoons or anime and manga

I grew up obsessed with anime and manga and although these days my passion is directed more towards webtoons, anime and manga will always hold a high position in my heart. Hopefully, with the appeal of my skills and English degree that will be obtained December 2019, I will be able to land a job as a writer, editor, or some position (ideally) in content operations.

Get Webtoon in Depth Fully Running

I never thought I’d start a blog. I never thought I’d enjoy creating a blog. But I find it fun and plan to continue running Webtoon in Depth after the completion of my professional writing course. But first I want and will need to generate some traffic, get followers, and get it to function as a proper blog should. I don’t want this blog to become a dead site where no one except myself comes to view.
In addition, I want to use this blog without hesitation as a proper piece of work I can show to potential employers.


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