Writing: To Work With Something Great

When I tell people I write, they automatically assume I write books. Wrong. As of right now, I write scholarly research papers and blog articles, but I hope to add more to the list. Maybe a short nonfiction essay or a magazine article or two—no books though. Me pursuing an English degree stemmed from my love for reading, not writing. Yet I’ve come to enjoy and do well in it. People often tell me I should write a book. I won’t. My creative passion lies elsewhere, specifically comics. As I’ve said before, reading webcomics is a passion of mine which is why I want to work with them. It’s the whole reason Webtoon in Depth is Webtoon in Depth.

Webtoon in Depth isn’t just a blog with random articles on webtoons. They’re carefully selected topics, researched, and content concentrated webtoon related articles for fans and readers. Webtoon in Depth is supposed to be information and entertaining. Webtoon in Depth is here to provide readers something more niche and focused to learn yet enjoy.

What I’ve obtained as an English major will help me right now as I transition from working with literature to comics. The experience of critically analyzing literature and scholarly texts is something I can bring when working with comics. So whether it be as a writer who writes about webcomics, a writer or editor working with webcomic creators, I want to work with something great—and comics are that something. I’ve got the skills. I’ve got the motivation. I’ve got the drive. I can make this work.

Image © Amy Moua


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