The Best Places to Read Webtoons (Part 2)

With webtoons on the rise, more webtoon reading platforms are being created as companies and businesses join the ever growing niche. Many turn out great—others, not so much. Listed below are three more platforms that provide licensed quality webtoons for readers. (For the first list of webtoon platforms, please check out The Best Places to Read Webtoons).


This webtoon platform may seem unfamiliar to most readers but it’s actually one of the oldest. NETCOMICS started publishing comics since 2006. In the past, the comics on this platform consisted mostly of black and white manwha. However, not long ago they’ve started to include colored webtoons (as well as manga). NETCOMICS isn’t just a webtoon platform but a publishing company itself and many readers will find that some of NETCOMICS’ webtoons can also be found on other webtoon platforms (e.g. Tappyton and Lezhin). To read comics on this platform, you have two options: rent or buy. For the first option, individual chapters can be rented at the cost of $.25 and you’ll be able to access it for 72 hours. Once the 72 hour period is over, you no longer have access to the chapter(s). For the second option, you can buy a chapter at the cost of $.50 and it is ultimately “yours” to view for an unlimited time. NETCOMICS has a limited selection of webtoons to choose from but there are definitely a few good ones to check out.


2. Graphite Comics

Graphite Comics, a fairly new platform, has an array of comics to read—from Western comics and graphic novels to manga and webtoons. Comics from well known publishers, such as Dark Horse Comics and BOOM! Studios, can be found on this platform. Graphite Comics has a selection of webtoons to read from and a few of those webtoons may seem familiar to some avid webtoons readers as a number of them are also published on WEBTOON CANVAS (the self-publishing side of the WEBTOON platform). Most of the comics seem to be free (sometimes with ads) but some comic chapters are only viewable via premium membership, which is $2.99/month or $20/year. That’s quite inexpensive, especially when you compare it to the cost spent on other webtoon platforms, and may be worth checking out.

Graphite Comics

3. Pocket Comics

Pocket Comics is a brand new app launched by Comico, a popular webtoon platform based in Japan. Pocket Comics includes high quality manga and webtoons. Many of the webtoons on the app are fan favorite Korean webtoons that finally got licensed for an English release (e.g. Lady to Queen by Muso and Kim So Hyun). Most of the manga chapters and webtoon episodes can be read for free with ads or with the use of tickets (which is given to users for a daily login) which enables viewing a chapter/episode for a limited time. You can also straight up buy coins and use them to read the chapters/episodes and they’ll be viewable for an unlimited time. This app is similar to other popular webtoon platforms such as Lezhin and Tappytoon, except with Pocket Comics readers now have different ways to be able to read webtoons for free. Webtoon lovers should definitely check out this app.

Pocket Comics

Feature Image © Pocket Comics/NHN comico Corp.


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