The Best Places to Buy Webtoon Merch

Webtoon merch is hard to come by. In the past, you could only obtain them either through conventions, traveling to Korea, or some other obscure way. Times are better now. (All hail the internet!) Now that webtoons are becoming more mainstream, websites that provide those webtoon merch are popping up. Forget those knock-off webtoon merch floating around the internet created by people who steal the art only to photoshop and paste them onto products. I’m talking about official licensed webtoon merch!


English fans and users of the platform WEBTOON™ are likely to have heard of the website is the official merch website for WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. From Lore Olympus to True Beauty, they’ve got apparel and accessories of many fan favorite webtoons.


Harumio is forwarding service. Basically a company that works kind of like a third party provider, or a personal shopper. carries lots of products ranging from apparel and kitchenware to books and food, and they are shipped straight from Korea. Likely due to a high demand, they sell a lot of webtoon merch.


Interpark is a Korean ecommerce marketplace, similar to Ebay or Amazon. Global Interpark is simply the international platform. They carry a lot of Korean goodies, from K-pop albums and K-pop concert tickets to fashion apparel and webtoon books, all shipped straight from Korea. This also means the cost of shipping is a bit high, but perhaps well worth it for the limited edition volumes.


Webtoonshop Inc. is a company based in S. Korea that recently created it’s English/International site Their website carries the merch of popular Korean webtoon titles such as The God of High School and King’s Maker. Because the products are also shipped straight from Korea, shipping cost can get pricey.

5. Lezhin (Amazon)

The webtoon platform Lezhin has an official store website on Amazon. Although their product list is currently limited to mainly a few BL titles, the merch items themselves are still phenomenal. Furthermore, shipping cost is no longer a worry if you already hold an Amazon account.

Official Lezhin Store

Feature Image © Harumio


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