Webtoon Cosplay: A Chance to be Featured on the WEBTOON Page

There’s nothing better than when cosplayers embody and bring to life characters from beloved webtoons!

WEBTOON recently announced the chance for people and their cosplays to be featured on their page.

So what are you all waiting for? Take this chance to experiment with makeup if you’re a first time cosplayer, or, if you’re a regular cosplayer, take this chance to bring to life webtoon characters you haven’t before!

If you want some inspiration, or simply prefer being a spectator instead of joining in the cosplay event, check out the following cool webtoon cosplays!

Poseidon from Lore Olympus

Minthe from Lore Olympus

Siren from Castle Swimmer

Hades from Lore Olympus

Shin Ae from I Love Yoo

Elios and Emma from My Deepest Secret

Feature Image ⓒ Amy Moua


WEBTOON. “Wanna show off your cosplay looks?…” Instagram, 7 Jan. 2020, instagram.com/p/B7CGA6yFuGs/

axskye. “Another Lore Olympus character for you to gaze upon!…” Instagram, 5 Jan. 2020, instagram.com/p/B683Kafp49y/.

monsterfreakshow. “Welcome to The Underworld.” Instagram, 8 Jan. 2020, instagram.com/p/B7ExHikHYyA/.

kadida.cos. “Minthe and her phone…” Instagram, 5 Jan. 2020, instagram.com/p/B68m1tuHwi0/.

axskye. “Tested out Siren from Castle Swimmer last night!…” Instagram, 30 July 2019, instagram.com/p/B0jU7ufJBGj/.

marun.yume. “I’ll find a way to save my people…” Instagram, 30 May 2019, instagram.com/p/ByGaiecnWgI/.

trulytrashcosplay. “A whole ass Man over here…” Instagram, 4 Jan. 2020, instagram.com/p/B66RbMUnqH5/.

kioko.cos. “Happy New Year…” Instagram, 1 Jan. 2020, instagram.com/p/B6yol13nobw/.

pink_fishie.”YALL MDS ENDED…” Instagram, 28 Dec. 2019, instagram.com/p/B6o7KCRncDX/.


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